Recovering together one day at a time from the biochemical disease of food addiction.

Proposed Sample Menu Plan

Proposed Sample Menu Plan in the Welcome Newcomer Booklet


On September 18, 2016, the FAA Board of Trustees approved a motion submitted by the Literature Committee.  The motion is to replace the Sample Menu Plan on page 42 of the Welcome Newcomer booklet with 2 revised sample menu plans - one for women and one for men - and follow a communication plan in accordance with our By-Laws.

The proposed change is based on seven reasons:

1.  Follow our traditions.
2.  Keep our newcomer in mind to maximize their success.
3.  Not try to create meals that take away from the seriousness of the disease.
4.  Not try to duplicate non-abstinent foods with abstinent food.
5.  Support the principle of rotation.
6.  Support all FAA fellows - women and men in our program.
7.  Have the sample menus separate to provide a less crowded document and make reading it less confusing.



The Literature Committee is collecting feedbak for 90 days and the final date for feedback is February 28, 2017.

1.  View and download the proposed menu plans: click here for the draft menu plans.  If you need assistance, please contact Libby V. at or click onthis link or via phone at (925) 324-4746.

2.  Send your comments to Elena F. at or click on this link or via phone at (718) 335-8161.


When reviewing, consider how the proposed menus are now consistent with the Guide to Abstinence and all FAA literature.  It may also be helpful to use the seven reasons agreed upon by the Literature Committee (see above) when making comments.

For example, the Guide to Abstinence suggests:
- Wide variety and attractive presentation of your meals will help you stay abstinent.
- For those with elevated cholesterol levels limit eggs and red meats to 3 times per week.
- Red Meat should be limited to 3-5 times per week.  Other sources of protein include: tofu, tempeh, beans, chicken, fish, and low-fat cottage cheese.
- Include fish or poultry in your food plan daily if possible (not on the vegetarian day).
- We suggest one vegetarian day per week.  Try soy protein (tofu or tempeh).
- Do not repeat the use of any starchy vegtable or grain more than three times per week.