Recovering together one day at a time from the biochemical disease of food addiction.

Virtual Meetings

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Virtual Video Meetings - FAA has Virtual Video Meetings in addition to our Phone Meetings, Face-to-Face Meetings and Email (LOOP) Meetings.

The login for all meetings is

You will need to download the app for your computer or mobile device.  The various Virtual Meeting platforms have a download page with a variety of apps for specific computers or mobile devices.  For step-by-step instructions on how to join a Virtual Meeting please visit their site here:

Before joining a Virtual Meeting, please review the following:  Virtual Meeting Etiquette 101 and Virtual Meeting Etiquette 102

FAA Meetings are for people who are interested in recovering from food addiction. There is no abstinence requirement or any other requirement to join a meeting or to share in a meeting. You do not need to ask permission before joining a meeting--just come and keep coming back. We will ask for newcomers to introduce themselves if they’d like, but there is no pressure to do so. 
FAA Virtual Meetings are similar to face to face meetings--we enjoy seeing each other’s faces and creating community from really getting to know each other. Some of us have a sense of a “home meeting” within the virtual meetings. We really encourage people to treat it as much like a F2F meeting as possible and sit in a quiet location and show their faces. We understand if you choose not to show your face as a newcomer or if there are distractions in the background; we encourage you to be at the meeting in any way you can make it. Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the newcomer or returning food addict. You are most welcome to join us no matter what. 

Are you having trouble connecting to a Virtual Meeting?
For internet security, our FAA virtual meetings require that you log in to the Zoom meeting as an “authenticated user” via a 3rd party account (FB, Google, or Zoom). 
One of the ways to become an "Authenticated User" is to sign into the current Virtual Meeting Platform (Zoom) using a free account provided by that specific platform or you can sign in with your Facebook Account or a Gmail/Google account.This step is necessary to ensure that we are following all safety protocols and providing the safest environment possible for our members.  Please contact the Virtual Intergroup at if you have trouble with the authenticated user login. 
During meetings you may choose to rename yourself with your first name and location, if you like.  You may also choose to share your phone number with your name or simply share it in the chat box for outreach calls.
If you’d like to be on the Virtual Meeting Contact List, please send an email with your name, Gmail/Google email address, city/state/country, and phone contact information.  Please let us know if you are on What’sApp (for free international texts and calls) to The contact list is only shared with others on the list.  Please note that you will need a free Google/Gmail account in order to be able to access the list.


The login for all meetings EXCEPT the Men's Meeting is

To access the pdf file below with clickable links to the meetings OR to print a page with these meetings please click HERE)
In order to secure our meetings and protect your privacy from "Zoombombers" you will be required to log in to Zoom via your Zoom account, Gmail/Google account or Facebook to access the meetings.